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How to Change Your Username on Reddit

It also tells you whether the name you’ve come up with is free on other social networks. This is important because you want a handle that is the same everywhere. Snoo, if you didn’t know, is reddit’s alien mascot. Here avatrade review are a few commonly asked questions about changing your username on Reddit that should help you get up to speed with the latest available information. Now type in your username and password to confirm your identity.

  1. It’s a great way for businesses to provide customer service, share product or service information, and generally engage with users.
  2. If you want to stick out from the crowd of randomly assigned usernames, you need to make that change yourself.
  3. Your Reddit username will be displayed in the following spaces (refer to the picture below).

Reddit calls the collection of upvotes and downvotes a user receives “karma.” You get +1 karma automatically for posting something. So if you have -1 karma, it means 2 people downvoted your post or comment. Your new Reddit account will now be created with your preferred username while retaining your original email address. You can now follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new account according to your preferences. Let’s create your new Reddit account now. You will get the option to choose your new username during the sign-up process.

What does the badge mean on reddit?

A flair is a ‘tag’ that can be added to threads posted on the reddit website within a sub-reddit. They help users understand the category to which the posts belong to and help readers filter specific kind of posts based on their preferences. It’s called user flair and you’ll need canadian forex brokers to visit the desktop site in order to set it. It will be located in the sidebar of the subreddit if that sub has user flair available. Select Community Options on the right-hand side of the community’s page.. Next to User Flair Preview, click the edit icon to set up your flair.

How to change your Reddit username while retaining your email ID

After the 30-day window has expired, you cannot make any further changes to your username. However, even during the 30-day window, you can only change your username once. If you want to stick out from the crowd of randomly assigned usernames, you need to make that change yourself. Fortunately, doing so is a quick and easy process that only includes a few steps, but you must act fast. You can only change your Reddit username only if your account is less than 30-days old and you’re still using the username auto-assigned to you by Reddit. Let’s first delete your account so we can create a new one using the same email address with your preferred username.

Reddit will automatically suggest a username for you at the top. Delete the suggested username and type in your preferred username. Let’s start by first deactivating your Reddit account. Click on the typing area and replace the auto-assigned username with the username you want. Tap on the typing area and replace the auto-assigned username with the username you want.

The subreddit is the heart of what makes Reddit…well, Reddit. Sub- is a prefix meaning “under,” so we can imagine subreddits as communities that fall under that broader Reddit umbrella. The first two subreddits to exist were /r/reddit and /r/NSFW.

Reddit Username Search Find out Who’s Behind

Meet Enya – a passionate content writer who loves crafting insightful and helpful articles. Since 2018, she’s built a reputation as a reliable source of knowledge. She explores topics far and wide, from online dating and people search tools to new streaming platforms to identity theft protection services and the latest tech. Additionally, if you’ve made an account using the ‘Continue with Email’ option on the Reddit app, Reddit will ask you to manually enter a username. This will count as the one time you’re allowed to enter a username of your choice and you will not see a ‘change username’ pop-up separately.

When a new account is created, Reddit automatically assigns a stock username to this account and presents its owner with an option to change this username in a 30-day window. The main challenge for Reddit in allowing users to change usernames is the massive number of database fields that need to be updated. Comments, submissions, and posts you have interacted with or created require updating with the new usernames. This would apply to you, and Reddit would have to do the same for millions of accounts. You can check if your account is 30 days old or not and hence eligible for changing your username by tapping on the profile option. If you receive a pop-up asking whether you want to change your username, your account is less than 30 days old.

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It means the number of people who are currently visiting your subreddit. You can check the age of your Reddit account using either of the two methods mentioned below. Follow either one based on your current needs and requirements.

However, it should be noted that despite the concrete conditions, Reddit does allow you to create multiple accounts linked with the same email address. For the purpose of this guide, we will begin by creating a new Reddit account. We will then top it off by using Reddit’s ‘Change username’ pop-up to finalize the beaxy review one-time username change. Reddit has an in-built search function that allows you to search a username and take a peek into their posts, comments, and other involvement in the platform. This could give you a basic understanding of the Redditor. The username and display name on Reddit are entirely different.

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