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Are you ready to own your energy and money?

The TIME is NOW! With Virtual Consultation

Stay safe with Admiral Powers virtual consultations. We will guide you through all the complexities and details of solar — from understanding your energy bills to installation and more.

At Ibergreen  we want the people of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to have a system that allows them to save and enjoy their money however they want.

Home energy is finally yours to control. You can harness the sun’s abundant energy to power the coffeemaker in the morning or listen to you favorite tunes. You can store that energy and light up the dinner table at night. With solar panels on your roof and batteries in your home, the power is now in your hands.

Our technology is changing, and our energy system needs to change with it to help the environment. Delivering electricity across long power lines from big power plants is leading to more power outages, rate increases, and dangerous conditions.

At Ibergreen we know there is a better way. By networking together we can be generating and storing energy in our homes, we can share power across neighborhoods and our entire energy system. We have been building this future for years, and every year it grows brighter. Now is the time to make your own energy. Share it with your neighbors. Build a clean, affordable, reliable future for the whole nation and the generations to come.

Thanks to our knowledge and following a rigorous study of the energy needs of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and without having to pay extra bills.

You are one call away from starting to enjoy all the benefits that our solar energy system offers you.

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