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Vision for me with Admiral Power. ……
SURCL / Admiral Power Partnership founded in 2006 with the intention to build a business whose products and services make a positive and lasting contribution to the world. Solar technology is proven and reliable and here today to make the transition to clean, renewable energy. We are committed to facilitating the widespread adoption of solar energy and believe it is imperative for the future health of our children and our planet.
We are the solar architects of Texas
Our products and services enable the easy integration of functional and aesthetic solar solutions into any project. We design and deliver solar solutions that enhance the built environment.
All of our products are designed to maximize solar power generation, visual appeal, and long-term durability. We are changing the perception of solar from being an unattractive electrical appliance to a functional design element. Addition partnership with the greatest minds of solar in Texas …….
Ryan O’Donnal CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
COF (CO-Founder)
CSO (Chief Sales Officer)


Ali Farjadian CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) CO-OP
Regional Sales Director


Rudy Campos COO (Chief Operating Officer)
COF (CO-Founder)
CFO ( Chief Financial Officer)


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