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No two projects are remotely the same. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

The sun rises every day. That’s why solar power is a completely renewable, reliable and clean energy source. It reduces our reliance on dirty sources of power such as oil, coal and natural gas, which produce harmful emissions affecting our health and environment.

In addition, solar panels and home batteries are becoming more affordable, accessible, resilient and efficient. They provide peace of mind and energy security for households when the power goes out or the next storm strikes. Unlike those from your utility, Admiral Power customers pay predictable, affordable rates for 20 to 25 years. With home solar, you get to control your energy future.

A lot of things affect how well-suited your home is for solar, including where your home is, the angle of your roof, how much shade it gets throughout the day, and how old your home is and if your roof can support them. This is usually a great time to take advantage of the special rebates for repairing the roof. Most insurance companies will cover the costs or majority of the cost of repairing your roof while adding solar to your home.

Our solar advisors can help you determine if your home is a good fit for solar at the moment. They’ll run a custom analysis of your home with our proprietary solar design technology, and they’ll get a sense for your energy needs.

Every household is different. When determining the number of solar panels your home needs, consider the following questions:

How much power do I need? Check your electric bills to see how many kilowatt hours (kWhs) you use throughout the year. We’ll go over this with you in detail during your free solar consultation to figure out just how much power your panels will need to produce.

What’s your climate like? The number of panels you need depends on how much sun reaches the ground where you are.

How much direct sun hits your roof? Shading, which direction your roof faces, and any aesthetic preferences you have can impact how big your system needs to be.

At Ibergreen we have proprietary solar design technology to help us create a customized system that maximizes energy production better and faster than if we did it by hand.

After you switch to solar, you won’t notice a difference. Your lights, appliances, televisions and everything else that uses electricity will work exactly as they did before.

The one key difference you will notice after switching to solar is in how you pay for your power. You will still receive a monthly bill from your utility company. If you have a monthly bill with Admiral Power or other finance company, you will have two separate bills.

How much energy you end up having to buy from your utility depends on the size of your solar system and how much electricity you’re actually using.

Because of weather and seasonal changes, your utility bill will vary from month to month. But you’ll always know exactly what you owe Admiral Power for the duration of our agreement.

We customize your home solar system by taking into account your past usage, the available roof space and your design preferences to make sure the system will work for you and your home.

We start with your historical usage and design a solar system that will provide you with the right amount of power based on how much you normally use.

Then we look at your roof via satellite imagery to see how many panels can fit on each roof plane, keeping in mind that south-facing roofs are the best for solar.

We verify our measurements and system design with a site survey,a visit to your home to check the roof and your main electrical panel.

Finally, we reconfirm our final design with you so you know exactly what it will look like and how much electricity you’ll receive from solar.

If you want to learn about the efficiency of your panels or review what the equipment will look like for your specific home, talk to your sales consultant.

All homeowners associations (HOAs) are different. It’s a good idea to reach out to your HOA to find out about their solar approval process. Let your project coordinator know, and they’ll take care of as much of the paperwork as possible.

The process of having the solar system installed on your roof can be relatively quick — many Ibergreen installations are completed in one day.

Before our crew comes to your house, it takes several weeks to prepare your project so that you have the smoothest installation day possible. Whenever possible, we’ll do the work for you, and we’ll keep you updated along the way. Here’s what we’ll do:

Conduct a site survey to look at your roof, attic and electrical panel
Finalize your custom design
Apply for permits and wait for approval
Collect other necessary approvals and documentation that is specific to your neighborhood (such as HOA approval)

When it comes time to install the system, we’ll let you know how long the construction process will take for your home and what you can do to prepare.

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