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*LoanPal performs a monthly audit where they randomly select a few loans. They request submission of the sales proposals used. Make sure you have a record of the sales proposal for jobs funded through LoanPal.

7yr-7.99%, 10yr-7.99%, 12yr-4.49%, 15yr-4.99%, 20yr-5.99%, 25yr-6.99%

7yr-6.99%, 10yr-4.99%, 12yr-4.49%, 15yr-4.99%, 20yr-5.99%, 25yr-6.99%

7yr-5.99%, 10yr-4.99%, 12yr-4.49%, 15yr-4.99%, 20yr-5.99%, 25yr-5.99%

7yr-3.99%, 10yr-3.99%, 12yr-3.99%, 15yr-4.49%, 20yr-4.49%, 25yr-4.49%

7yr-4.99%, 10yr-4.99%, 12yr-4.49%, 15yr-4.99%, 20yr-4.99%, 25yr-4.99%

7yr-3.49%, 10yr-3.49%, 12yr-3.49%, 15yr-3.99%, 20yr-3.99%, 25yr-3.99%

7yr-2.99%, 10yr-2.99%, 12yr-2.99%, 15yr-3.49%, 20yr-2.99%, 25yr-2.99%

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